Monday, April 29, 2013

My Girlfriend Dumped Me--Do I Take Her Back

Relationships are complicated, and each one has its own unique issues and concerns.  And, while some relationships stand the test of time, many aren't quite that lucky.  Unfortunately, in some instances a guy just gets dumped by his girl.  Maybe she has found another guy, or perhaps she has been listening to her mother grumble about the guy for too long, or it could be that she has some other reason for wanting to break up.  In any case, sometimes the girlfriend is the one to end the relationship.

Yet this is not always the end of everything--many times, the girlfriend will contact the guy, wanting another go at the relationship.  This is not such an easy decision to make for the guy.  "My girlfriend dumped me, but now she expects me to just take her back as if nothing happened?"  How is a guy supposed make that type of decision?

If you have found yourself in this type of situation, you have come to the right place.  Here's a guideline you can follow that contains suggestions to help you come to an answer as to whether or not to take your girlfriend back.  Read on for tips on how to reach your final decision.

In order to make a rational determination (in other words, one that is not simply based upon a need or want for sex), it is necessary to do some solid thinking.  Emotions must be cut out of the initial decision-making process.  Yes, this may be difficult if you really love her; however, emotions can cloud your thinking so it is best to block them from your thoughts.

Now, when thinking about whether or not to take your girlfriend back, you need to first think about why it is that she left in the first place.  Did she leave to be with another guy?  Did she break up because she wanted some space?  Or did she dump you because her friends thought she could do better (as in find a better-looking/richer/whatever type of guy)?  The reason she left will give you a big clue as to if you should give her another chance or not.  For instance, if you think she is truly sorry for listening to her friends or that she got the space she needed and is now missing you, maybe another chance would be a good idea. But if she left you for another guy...well, that might mean she wasn't satisfied with you--and that she might cheat on you or leave you again in the future.

Next, consider why she came back after she dumped you.  This, too, will give you good insight.  If she suddenly realized how wonderful you are, take her back.  If she came back because she couldn't find anyone else, though, you'd be making a mistake to try the relationship again.

Think carefully before taking a girlfriend back--"my girlfriend dumped me" isn't the end of the world.

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